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Travel Tips To Make Cruising Comfortable

Planning for your dream cruise trip with wholesale escapes cruises and wondering what to carry and what not? Smart planning is an important pre-requisite for any cruise trip. Many times we spend an large amount of money and effort on clothes and other accessories while traveling which may be unnecessary.

What you carry severely impacts the fun and enjoyment of your trip. If you want your journey to be amazing than it’s important that you spare some quality time aside to plan your travel.

Packing light and packing right is what can make traveling more comfortable and enjoyable. We are here to share some tips which will significantly transform your expedition.

1).Check & Recheck All Documents & itinerary Before You leave

Make sure you carry all required travel documents before you board ship and keep them in a small clutch which is always by your side. These documents will help you in boarding and re-entering the country. You will be subjected to fine incase all the necessary are not found with you. So make sure to check & recheck them. Go through the details of your travel route before you start. Keep a mini map handy (ship) for initial couple of days as it will help to find your way around.

2).Make Sure to arrive one day before departure

Flight delay, traffic & bad weather can severely leave you distressed and completely exhausted. If you don’t want it to be a military drill but a cool & enjoyable vacation then fly into the port city a day or two before the cruise begins. Counter act all unforeseen troubles by reaching early and get ready to set on your dream journey in style.

3).Electronics (gadgets)

Carry all your mobile chargers, cameras, laptops, kindle and tablets (only if you need them all). For limited electric outlets in your cabin don’t forget to bring your multi outlet extension cord.


Instead of paying hefty prices bring your own soda and water bottles onboard. Some cruises allow you to carry your beverages whereas others may not, do check all the necessary details otherwise they will sequester them on arrival.

5) Clothes:

Packing Right is as important as packing light. Make sure you carry your clothes as per route travel. Carry some warm clothes (warm jacket, cardigans or windbreaker) in addition to light cool outfits for sunny days. For dinner there is a dress code so carry suits or tuxedo. .Restaurants inside voyage can get excessively cool so do convey light-weight coat or cardigan and ladies can carry shawls.

Instead of packing too many items make use of laundry services in the cruise. Be a smart space-saving pro.

6) Toiletries & medications:

At the very least cruise will provide the basic toiletries (soaps & shampoos) for free, but if you are finicky then do carry your own. Other items like body lotion, creams, hair dryers, deodorants will be available at hefty prices so do clutch our own favorite ones. As it would be long journey do keep medicines and lot of sun screens if sailing on sunny climate.


Traveling to Foreign Lands with Wholesale Escapes

Wholesale Escapes

Travelling and vacationing are connected to each other intermediately. In the past 5 years the travel industry has been increasing every year. Many questions arise as to why the frequency of vacations is increasing so rapidly? Is it because of the increasing stress or tensions in life or is it due to the increasing paying capacity of people who have taken vacationing and traveling as a means to flaunt their wealth among their peers. Wholesale escapes conducted research and found a mix of both these factors as the contributing items for an increase in the travel and tourism industry.

Tourists traveling to distant locations in search of a tranquil and fun vacation also help build the economy of the local area. Most people prefer vacation as they get to interact with their family and friends for an interval of time to make their personnel life more content. New trends according to Wholesale Escapes show the rate of road trips and cruise vacation has increased. Since road trips and cruises provide enough time to people to get together and interact with each other this forms the most acceptable node to a majority of the population.

Vacation tips from Wholesale Escapes when you are going out of country

While travelling abroad chances of travel problems are high. One should always be alert since errors like misplacing your passport may land you in big trouble. There is no worry about travelling abroad especially if traveling when you are with Wholesale Escapes. We handle logistics, accommodations and any other special requirements that you may have.

If you are planning vacation outside the country make sure that you would have a valid and verified passport so that you won’t get into any legal problems on foreign land. Apart from that be wary of people who offer cheap services since these services may prove to be a trouble for you especially in foreign lands. Rely on a reputable agency for anything and everything. However still if you want to experiment make sure you are well versed with the geography and language of the area where you are planning to spend your vacations. Be very particular about the food that you are being served. Having light meals at clean eating joints will be the best option since this will help you keep you healthy and enjoy your vacations to the fullest.

Road trips and cruise trips according to Wholesale Escapes

Many families prefer road and cruise trips for their vacations. Road trips are generally exciting and you would get lot of time during your journey to enjoy every special moment with full excitement along with your family and friends. During your journey you may get into situations which are not really expected however you can enjoy and it’s the best part of your journey since many places you are going to come across have a story of their own and have been hidden form the traveler who takes the cruise or airlines to travel.

Today most of the cruises are adapted and built to provide great comfort and luxury to people traveling in them. Cruises have become popular among people who don’t want any surprises while they are vacationing.

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Holiday tips from Wholesale Escapes during the shutdown

The Economic Shutdown in the US has led to much confusion among people not only in the US but all across the world especially those who have been thinking of vacationing there. There are quite a few places of tourist interest that are going to be affected with the announcement of the shutdown. However Wholesale Escapes has been quite upbeat because there are many other places where you can spend your holidays and get value for each penny that you are going to spend. A large number of museums and sanctuaries have been closed due to the paucity of funds and manpower to manage these locations.

One of the museums that has not been affected with the shutdown is the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. This museum not only provides you a deep insight into the working of spies but also make you feel like one once you enter there. The International Spy Museum is a privately owned museum and located within the 1875 Le Droit Building in the Penn Quarter of Washington D.C. If you are one of those who always wanted a sense of adventure without any risk then this is the perfect place for you to visit.

You are going to enter the place with a cover identity so that you have the real feeling of a spy while you are in the museum. A change of identity is something that’s going to push you into the world of espionage. After acquiring a pseudonym you are going to be led into a briefing room to feel what exactly real spies undergo in their real life. You are provided complete information on how a person is recruited, trained and made into a spy. The reasons for covert operations are explained to you in detail. The dynamics of spying and the motivation factors that make normal human beings spies are explained over here. Thus if you are looking forward to have some thrilling fun with Wholesale Escapes International Spy Museum is the perfect place to spend your holidays.

The National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C. is another good option to spend your holidays while you are in the vacationing mood. This is a museum that caters to all age groups. If you have kids along with you then this is a must visit. According to Wholesale Escapes you can witness the wonders of National Geographic in the Society’s Explorer Hall. The Gallery space over here is captivating and caters to all age groups. Since ongoing temporary exhibitions are designed every now and then repeat visitors are also intrigued by the variety that is served in this Gallery.

A few featured shows exhibit the natural and cultural history along with archaeology and photography, as well as the latest scientific finds. There are a variety of topics that are covered by the Gallery from time to time. You can find the reconstruction of Mayan history and a three dimensional look at the Titanic if you happen to visit the museum these days. If you have been planning to visit any of the museums or sanctuaries closed due to the shutdown don’t lose heart because Wholesale Escapes has much better options in store for you that can be explored and enjoyed with your family and friends.

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